Commercial Photography and Filming

UVSAR : Extreme Location Filming

Hiring a commercial photographer or videographer is easy, there are thousands out there. If your shoot is inside a wind turbine, at the bottom of a mine, or at the top of a mountain, it's not so easy.

Our unique combination of access and safety expertise combined with over 20 years experience in commercial and creative shooting and CGI composition allow us to offer an unrivalled set of solutions, with crews able to operate safely in the most challenging locations:

  • Work at height (rope access and climbing)
  • Shoots involving live fire and explosives
  • Hazardous industrial and offshore installations
  • Underground, confined spaces, mines & caves

We are happy to operate under NDA and can work in any location worldwide. To discuss how we can help with your project, please contact us.

The latest technology

We operate a fully-digital workflow, capturing on DSLR and digital cinema hardware to 4K and beyond. Editing and post-production is performed using the latest industry-standard edit suites combined with our bespoke multi-platform rendering pipeline, and we can export deliverable assets in any broadcast or Web-ready format. We provide a complete editing, composition and titling service, with narration and soundtracks as required.

Reality, improved

With our specialist access skills, shooting real-world images and video is often very simple to arrange - but there are times when it's impossible to see what you want to see. There's a wall in the way, or a location that doesn't exist yet.

We can render stills and video from 3D CAD/CAM models and combine them with real-life footage to form composites, using industry-leading software from Autodesk and Adobe to match the lighting and camera angles. Many of our clients use this best-of-both-worlds solution to enhance training and product launch materials, showing cutaways and prototypes combined with real-world scenes and actors.

Rates and licensing

Every project is different, so we quote based on your specific needs. All our rates include post production and supply in digital format(s) of your choosing. We know that most people click around the Web looking for a price list, but commercial filming and photoshoots are not something that has a fixed value. As an indication you should expect to pay between £600 and £2000 per day plus travel and expenses for location work, depending on what's involved.

We retain copyright in all captured media, and provide the client with a negotiated license to use the delivered materials in whichever ways the contract specifies. Model and property releases are required for all shoots. We charge expenses and damages at cost, and carry full indemnity insurance.

Digimarc Guardian

Our digital files contain embedded IPTC and PLUS metadata, identifying their legal status and ownership. We use Digimarc Guardian to invisibly protect our media from theft and unauthorized use.