Technical Writing and Editorials

We are proud of our reputation for supplying world-class editorial material on a wide range of technical safety, medical, rescue and legislative issues for trade journals, magazines and the general media. We're never shy of controversial topics, and issues containing our material are known to increase circulation and generate significant reprint requests.

We have an extremely rapid turnaround and can often supply completed copy within days. As well as the text copy, our full range of digital artwork and graphics can be incorporated, with stock photography, diagrams and schematics, and online tutorials or podcasts to bridge the print and Web divide. We can work with editors to supply fully soft-proofed material for print and/or digital editions.

For more information or to request something for your publication, please contact us.

Subject Areas

We specialise in describing the role of new technology, both hardware and software, within workplace and public sector safety.
Rescue, health and safety
If you're involved in work at height, confined spaces, telecoms or technical rescue, either within a workplace or a public agency, then you've probably seen our articles at some point. We've been writing about these topics for over 15 years, and as the publishers of best-selling books on rope rescue we're able to describe the most complex of topics in an extremely accessible style.
Sample article by Dave Merchant

Here's a PDF copy of Dr Dave Merchant's much-in-demand article discussing the safety problems which arise when using fixed ladder cages.

From HSW March 2008.