Widgets for Adobe Acrobat

In this section we've collected together some of our most popular scripted add-ons for you to download. They are free to use subject to the terms and conditions on each page.

All these add-ons are compatible with Windows and Mac installations.

InDesign Fixups Widget

InDesign Fixups

A free scripted add-on for Acrobat to remove the nesting of PDF layers (OCGs) when an InDesign file is exported to PDF using the "Create layers" option, and clear unwanted entries from the layers tab. Compatible with Acrobat 7 and later.

Selective Flattener Tool

Selective Flattener Tool

A free scripted add-on for Acrobat to selectively flatten different types of comment, markup and form fields. Compatible with Acrobat 7 and later.

Miscellaneous simple scripts

New Doc Script

A simple JavaScript to add a "New blank PDF" menu to the File menu in Acrobat. Compatible with Acrobat 8+.

Remove xmpMM data

Adds a menu item to "Edit" or "Document Processing" that cleans all the XMP Media Management metadata from a PDF file. The xmpMM tags often contain private information about the history of a file which should not be made public. Compatible with Acrobat 9+.