Research & Development Support

Original equipment manufacturers benefit from UVSAR's skill-set in support of research & development work on new products and services in fields such as technical safety, operations and deployment.

All our work in this area is subject to NDA and restriction. We do not reveal the identity of any clients, publish "showreels" or hint at involvement with specific products or programs.

We specialise in creating assembly, service and end-user documentation and training packages for new products long before they complete prototyping. With expertise in graphic design and engineering we can turn raw CAD and technical data into complete packages for paper and interactive deployment, in any language. We've been working in this field for over 20 years and are trusted by global brands to describe complex topics in our characteristically accessible style.
Advance marcom
In the same way, we have created marketing communication assets for pre-production products across a range of areas.
Risk factor evaluation
We provide experienced opinions on product safety designs and operational procedures, reducing costs and protecting users in hostile environments.