Training Course Materials

Delivering workplace training is a challenging task, both for in-house instructors and professional training companies alike. Delegates expect the highest quality of information and attention to detail, and are no longer remotely impressed by a couple of PowerPoint slides and a stapled heap of photocopies.

We have been supplying world-leading course materials to training providers across the world for over 15 years, using the very latest digital design and production equipment to deliver full color perfect-bound handbooks, instructor slide decks and supporting notes, plus all the necessary documents for lesson planning and assessment. Our course materials have been recognised as the best available by a number of auditing and certification bodies, and set the standard in both content scope and accuracy.

Our course packages are supplied in a clean OEM format with no brand bias and no product placement. We use fully-licensed imagery throughout. The materials can be branded with your corporate livery (printed handbooks subject to minimum orders).

We offer accredited training providers fully-audited course delivery packages for many workplace safety training schemes, including:


Confined space entry and rescue training for all risk levels (providers must be accredited by CABWI, the UK awarding body for the water & utilities industries)


Basic Safety Training and Advanced Rescue Training against the Global Wind Organisation standards (providers must be audited by a GWO-approved assessment body)


Mast and tower climbing and rescue training to the UK MATS standard (providers must be accredited by Energy & Utility Skills)

We also have many off-the-shelf courses for safe work at height, PFPE inspection, rigging, RF safety and rescue. We are constantly expanding our portfolio and are always pleased to receive enquiries from training providers.

MATS training materials by UVSAR
GWO training materials by UVSAR
GWO training materials by UVSAR

Why bother?

Using a professional, expertly-designed and coordinated set of course materials improves student learning and skills retention by making the course content easier to understand and also far more memorable and enjoyable - but it does more than that...

You save money

If you have instructors working for days on end typing up course notes or scraping copyrighted images off the Web, that time is not spent delivering the training, and the end result can easily land you in court. DIY is fine for building a gerden shed, but you can't expect the result to be as good, or done as quickly, as if you employ a professional.

There's no shortage of professionals in graphic design, and they are all perfectly capable of turning a text document into a visually more impressive affair - but they'll rarely have a clue what the content is actually saying, and the usual result is errors in style and factual information because the simply didn't know something was wrong - be that a technical statement or a bit of industry jargon. You asked for a photo of a climber on the first slide, but their trawls through stock photo agencies won't flag up the fact he's wearing a competitor product, or his harness isn't fastened properly.

Because UVSAR fully understands the course content, legislation and equipment standards, we can handle all these issues without a second thought. We know the phrasing to use when talking to a telecoms engineer in Taunton, and how it's different from a wind farm engineer in Texas or a civil engineer in Torquay. We know what students most need to be told, what statements can be made without risking future liability, and how difficult an exam question should be.

Consistent delivery

By careful design of content across the course, version control and security is far easier to manage. Use of secured PDF files allows course materials to be released to subcontract trainers without risk of theft and editing, so you can be confident the text on slide thirteen is exactly the same as it was when you approved it - down to every full stop.

Our global POD production chain for print content ensures consistent quality and rapid turnaround, so frequently-changed documents don't result in piles of outdated stock.

Managed changes

Given the extremely uncertain times we live in, major changes to workplace legislation can arrive rapidly and unexpectedly. We offer a proactive change-management service, constantly monitoring for updated legislation, product standards or auditor requirements. We keep our course materials updated and notify customers of materially-significant changes.

FXL EPUB slide format

All our slide decks are supplied in Fixed Layout EPUB format only. Click for more information and samples.


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