Course Materials and Documentation

Delivering workplace training is a challenging task, both for in-house instructors and professional training companies alike. Delegates expect the highest production quality and attention to detail, and are no longer remotely impressed by a couple of PowerPoint slides and a stapled heap of photocopies.

We have an established track record of taking these outdated offerings and creating publish-quality content, using the very latest digital design and production equipment to deliver full-color bound delegate manuals, interactive delegate CDs and instructor slide decks with 3D and video content, plus all the supporting materials for assessment, attendance and certification. The world's leading safety companies are training thousands of students across the world using course materials created by UVSAR, in multiple languages, saving time and money while increasing learning quality and global reputation.

Materials can be supplied to match your own corporate livery, or we can design one for you.

Worth every penny

Our clients report significant increases in training sales, directly attributed to the high design and production quality of our course materials, giving an immediate return on investment and a major boost to their market position.

Why bother?

Using a professional, expertly-designed and coordinated set of course materials improves student learning and skills retention by making the course content easier to understand and also far more memorable and enjoyable - but it does more than that...

You save money

If you have instructors working for days on end typing up training materials or scraping together copyrighted images for PowerPoint slides, often with quite poor computer design skills, that time has a cost which should be spent delivering the training, and the end result can easily land you in court. DIY is fine for building a patio, but you can't expect the result to be as good, or done as quickly, as if you employ a professional landscaper.

There's no shortage of professionals in graphic design, and they are all perfectly capable of turning a text document into a visually more impressive affair - but they'll rarely have a clue what the content is actually saying, and the usual result is errors in style and content because nobody understood something was wrong - be that a technical statement or a bit of industry jargon. You asked for a photo of a climber on the front cover, but their trawls through the stock photo agencies won't flag up the fact he's wearing a competitor product, or his belt buckle isn't fastened properly.

Because we understand both your content and the design styles, we can handle all these issues without a second thought. We know the phrasing to use when talking to a telecoms engineer in Toronto, and how it's different from a wind farm engineer in Texas or a civil engineer in Torquay. We know every standard and law applicable to workplace safety, and can advise on what statements can be made without risking future liability, and how difficult an exam question should be for a rooftop safety course.

You gain control

By careful design of content across the course, version control and security is far easier to manage. Use of PDF files and digital rights management allows course materials to be released to subcontract trainers without risk of copying or editing, so you can be confident the text on slide thirteen is exactly the same as it was when you approved it - down to every font and full stop.

Our class-leading production chain for print and disc content ensures consistent quality and makes just-in-time stocking possible worldwide, so frequently-changed documents don't result in piles of outdated stock. Of course you don't have to use our production system; if you prefer we'll simply supply the master files, PDF/X print plates and CD masters to your existing contractors.

Changes are easier

We use the latest Adobe Live Review systems to ensure your staff, wherever they are in the world, can review and approve every document in real time without any special software. The same system can be used to efficiently process updates and custom variations, either in-house or via our managed service - a 200-page document can be reviewed simultaneously by thirty people, each seeing the comments by everyone on the team and responding instantly. Changes can then be imported into the master documents and secured copies distributed for production within a matter of hours. Reacting to sudden changes in equipment use, legislation or re-branding content for specific customers becomes cost-effective even for small companies.

Content is flexible

Using industry-standard formats (InDesign, PDF, Photoshop, H.264, etc.) the assets for a document can be re-used and re-purposed for other files with the minimum of effort. Your print-format delegate manual can be exported to PDF or EPUB for display on an e-reader or a cellphone. The images and videos on the instructor slides can be dropped onto your website, or added to interactive product literature for your giveaway USB sticks at the next trade show. As you have the editable documents and their secured derivatives, you have the option to pass them to any other graphic designer for future updates, and at the same time keeping the distributed files secured against unauthorized copying or editing.


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