Course Materials: CABWI

Confined space entry, supervision and rescue training in the UK must be delivered to very exacting standards to ensure workers remain safe, and CABWI, the awarding body for the water and utilities industries, operates an accreditation scheme for training providers that is accepted across the country. UVSAR has created a complete course delivery package for the CABWI scheme, with classroom slides, instructor notes and student handbooks for all six syllabus modules.

Syllabus ModuleStatusLatest update
CS01 Low Risk EntryAvailable now15-JAN-2020
CS02 Medium Risk EntryAvailable now15-JAN-2020
CS03 Medium Risk Top PersonAvailable now15-JAN-2020
CS04 High Risk EntryAvailable now15-JAN-2020
CS05 High Risk Top PersonAvailable now15-JAN-2020
CS06 RescueAvailable now15-JAN-2020

Materials are supplied in a clean OEM format with no brand bias, as shown in the images on this webpage. We use fully-licensed imagery throughout, with no third-party logos or product names visible. Materials can be branded with your corporate logos (printed books subject to minimum orders). Course packages are in English for workers subject to UK domestic legislation.

CABWI confined space training materials by UVSAR


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To deliver this training, the provider must be audited by CABWI. This includes assessment of facilities, equipment, instructor competencies and quality management systems. While our course packages have passed CABWI audits and have been recognized as the best quality student materials they have seen, we cannot and do not guarantee that a particular training provider will be accredited, nor can we intervene in the auditing process. These course materials are only sold to training providers who have been accredited, or are in the process of applying for accreditation. Similar materials without CABWI branding are available for providers who wish to offer courses in these subject areas without accreditation - please contact us for more information.

What do I get?

  • A Course Delivery Pack containing the secured PDF classroom slides, instructor notes, practical scenario guidance, example exam questions and auditor cross-references for all six modules.
  • A perpetual non-transferrable license to use the materials within the CDP as-supplied for delivery of the named syllabus, to unlimited students anywhere in the world. You can make as many copies of the CDP as required for your instructing staff, but cannot give copies of slide decks to delegates, resell/syndicate the materials or publish them online.
  • Access to order the full-colour printed student handbooks, shipped directly from the nearest global distribution hub (UK, USA, Australia).
  • Free updates for five years to account for changes in legislation or standards (extended service plans available after this period).

What's all this PDF stuff? I want PowerPoints!

Our slide decks use technology that is not supported in PowerPoint or Apple Pages. By issuing slides as secured PDFs we guarantee consistency and ease of use - they work on Windows, Mac, even mobile devices. Instructors cannot "tinker about" with the slides, adding dodgy photos from the Web, or deleting things they don't like. The course you were audited against will be delivered exactly the same every time. No worries that a delegate will complain they didn't see the warning on slide 23.

We do not provide the editable masters for our OEM course handbooks or slide decks for obvious reasons; each document represents hundreds of hours of expert work and the content is only licensed for use as a finished document. By limiting our OEM materials to PDFs we can reduce prices, include graphics that cannot be licensed in editable formats, and take away the worries about how to keep everything updated and error-free.

How does Brexit affect the materials?

During the Implementation Period, products and services from the EU remain legal for a UK workplace, including PPE with a CE Marking. The legal framework changed on 31 January 2020 so the UK is no longer subject to direct EU law (EU "Regulations" such as those covering PPE). Instead it uses a frozen-in-time copy held at National Archives, with edits to make it apply only to UK domestic cases. A new product safety mark, the UKCA Compliance Mark, has been introduced for the domestic market, and many UK laws have been amended (including the PPE Regs and LOLER) to detach them from EU compliance schemes. Our MATS training packages fully reflect the post-Brexit situation, and will be updated again at the end of the Implementation Period should the legal framework change to account for new trade deals or lack thereof.

OK, how much?

The six-module Course Delivery Pack is £2500.00 plus VAT at standard rates. This includes 5 copies of the H.CS1G handbook for use during accreditation.

Our 8.5x11" full-colour perfect bound student handbooks are 0% rated for VAT and produced on demand so you always get the latest version. There are two ordering levels available; Standard service has a typical 4-working-day lead time with next-day delivery, and Express service has a 2-working-day lead time with next-day-AM delivery. Minimum order quantity 25 books.

Handbook titleUnit Price
Unit Price
H.CS1G CS Entry & Rescue
Covers all 6 modules, 96 pages
£ 6.95£ 7.20
Shipping fee per order£ 5.00£ 27.00