Course Materials: MATS

The Mast and Tower Safety Group is in the process of creating a framework training syllabus for the UK telecoms industry. Providers are accredited by Energy & Utility Skills, but neither body provides any delivery materials or sample content to work from. UVSAR has been producing top-quality course materials for work at height, RF safety and rescue courses for over a decade, including best-in-class packages for the Arqiva syllabus framework that preceded MATS as the de-facto qualification for UK telecoms workers. As MATS release each of their subject specifications, we will be ready with a complete package of classroom slides, instructor notes and student handbooks.

SyllabusStatusLatest update
Basic Tower Climbing & RescueAvailable nowV4.0 02-JAN-2021
Roof WorkerMATS: Not released*--
RF Safety AwarenessMATS: Not released*--

* MATS initially proposed these courses would be published in 2009 but the Roof Worker standard remains in draft and there is no sign of progress on RF. In the meantime, member companies are relying on Arqiva-approved content which we can supply to providers listed on the official Gateway database.

Materials are supplied in a clean OEM format with no brand bias, as shown in the images on this webpage. We use fully-licensed imagery throughout, with no third-party logos or product names visible. Materials can be branded with your corporate logos (printed books subject to minimum orders). MATS course packages are in English for workers subject to UK domestic legislation.

MATS training materials by UVSAR


Please contact us for more information or to place an order.


To deliver MATS training, the provider must be audited by Energy & Utility Skills. This includes assessment of facilities, equipment, instructor competencies and quality management systems. While we are confident that our course packages satisfy every requirement of the MATS syllabus specification, we cannot and do not guarantee that a training provider will be accredited, nor can we intervene in the auditing process. These course materials are only sold to UK training providers who have been accredited, or are in the process of applying for accreditation. Similar materials without MATS-specific content are available for providers who wish to offer courses in these subject areas without EUSkills accreditation - please contact us for more information.

What do I get?

  • A Course Delivery Pack containing logo-branded FXL EPUB classroom slides, PDF instructor notes, practical scenario guidance, example exam questions and auditor cross-references.
  • A perpetual non-transferrable license to use the materials within the CDP as-supplied for delivery of the named syllabus, to unlimited students anywhere in the world. You can make as many copies of the CDP as required for your instructing staff, but cannot give copies of slide decks to delegates, resell/syndicate the materials or publish them online.
  • Access to order the full-colour printed student handbooks, shipped directly from the nearest global distribution hub (UK, USA, Australia).
  • Free updates for five years to account for changes in legislation or standards (extended service plans available after this period).

FXL EPUB? Whatnow?

Consistent design and content is vital for training course delivery. Auditors and insurers need to know that a delegate was shown exactly the same information as everyone else, so slide decks that can be freely edited by instructors, deleting things they don't like or adding images stolen from the Web, are simply not acceptable in a professional environment. There are only a few ways to distribute rich-content slide decks so they always look the same, on Windows, Mac or mobile, without having to manually install fonts or change screen sizes, and the most widely accepted formats are PDF and Fixed Layout (FXL) EPUB.

PDF has been the mainstay for over a decade, but Adobe has very much dropped the ball in recent times. Adding video to a PDF file relied on Flash Player being installed, and that is dead and gone as of December 2020. We simply cannot rely on Adobe to get a workable replacement up and running, so we are switching all on-screen materials to FXL EPUB before the deadline. We still use PDF for reference documents that don't need any interactive or media content, because they're easier to print.

EPUB files are self-contained, like a PDF, and come in two types. "Flowable" EPUBs are used for novels, and they adapt the page layout to fit on small eBook readers and mobiles - but that is no good for a slide deck where precise combinations of text and graphics must stay aligned. Fixed Layout EPUB solves that problem; it includes all the fonts, graphics, video etc. and sets up the reader app so that each page looks exactly like it does everywhere else. FXL EPUB supports things that PDF does not, such as in-page animations.

To view an EPUB file, you "import" it into a reading app. On MacOS and iOS, the standard Apple Books app works perfectly. On Windows and Linux we strongly recommend the free Thorium Reader app. Android users have Google Play Books. Once imported to your virtual bookshelf, FXL EPUBs work just like PDFs - you can view full-screen and navigate with the same arrow keys or a remote presenter button. EPUB reader apps do not allow editing of the content, but they do allow you to make notes and add bookmarks etc.

I want PowerPoints!

Our slide decks use technology that is not supported in PowerPoint or Apple Pages. We do not provide the editable masters for our OEM course handbooks or slide decks for obvious reasons; each document represents hundreds of hours of expert work and the content is only licensed for use as a finished document. By limiting our OEM materials to PDFs we can reduce prices, include graphics that cannot be licensed in editable formats, and take away the worries about how to keep everything updated and error-free.

How does Brexit affect the materials?

Our training packages describe the laws and product safety markings in force as of 01 Jan 2021, including the new UKCA and UKNI/CE approval schemes for PPE and Medical Devices.

OK, how much?

Course Delivery Packs are £450.00 per syllabus, plus VAT at standard rates.

Our 8.5x11" full-colour perfect bound student handbooks are 0% rated for VAT and produced on demand so you always get the latest version. Standard service has a typical 4-working-day lead time with next-day delivery, minimum order quantity 20 books. These materials are for the UK only.

Handbook titleUnit Price
RF Safety
Covers RF Safety only, 32 pages
£ 3.85
Access & Rescue
Covers Roof Worker plus Basic Tower Climbing and Rescue, 54 pages
£ 4.40
Shipping fee per order£ 5.50