Training Course Materials: EPUBVIEW

EPUBVIEW tries to detect if there are two display screens available, and this will trigger a confirmation message in your browser for popups and window placement; please approve the requests to see all the features of the software in action.

The software can be used in two ways:

Control panel mode

  • The presenter sees the control panel on their display (typically the internal screen of a laptop) and the EPUB slides are shown on the other screen (typically a projector or wall-mounted TV). The two browser windows are connected and synchronized.
  • The viewer window will detect the displays available and show a full-screen button for each one, so the slides can be directly opened onto the correct screen without the audience seeing the controls.
  • While the slides are visible, the computer's screensaver is automatically disabled.

Single window mode

  • The slides will open in the main browser window, with only one full-screen button. The browser window must be dragged to the appropriate display before it is made full-screen.
  • The computer's screensaver should be disabled manually from the operating system controls.
  • This mode is automatically selected in non-compatible browsers (e.g. Safari) or if you deny the permissions prompts.

The EPUBview Control Panel

This page is normally opened in your main browser window, and contains a time-of-day clock, on-screen controls and guidance notes for the slides. It starts off empty - click Open Viewer to begin.

When the EPUB file loads, the title, page count and revision date will be shown. The slide notes scroller will populate. As you navigate the slides, the controls will keep in sync.

You can turn pages with the arrow buttons, or type in the current page box. You can also click the numbers in the notes scroller.

Keyboard controls follow the standards in PowerPoint, Keynote and Impress:

  • Previous slide: Left-arrow, Up-arrow or Page-Up
  • Next slide: Right-arrow, Down-arrow, Page-Down or Spacebar
  • Toggle blank screen: B
  • Viewer exit full-screen: Esc [or left-swipe on mobile]

These are the keystrokes normally sent by wireless "presenter pilot" devices, and if so they will work with EPUBview.

The slideshow viewer window

This opens as a popup. Click the full-screen button(s) as appropriate; note if there is only one button shown, the window must be moved to the desired display screen first.

If the viewer is opened from the control panel, it will close automatically if the Control Panel is not available..

Keyboard navigation is the same as shown above; on a touch-screen device you can tap the bottom left or bottom right corners for previous/next, and use the normal "back" gesture to exit full-screen mode [left-swipe on Safari, pull-down and back on Android]. Embedded videos in the slide deck have their own transport control bar (on Safari you should grant auto-play permission within Site Settings if your slide decks contain videos).

Slides can include hyperlinks between slides, and to external web pages which open back in the main browser window. Loading of remote content, such as an embedded YouTube video, is possible depending on the EPUB file's security settings.