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Covid-19 service updates

Social distancing measures and business shutdowns in the UK and beyond are affecting many sectors, but at this time UVSAR is operating normally with some specific exeptions on shipping of textbooks.

All our online services will continue to operate normally through this crisis. Textbook and ProGuide production remains unaffected and courier services in the UK are running normally. There are some regions in mainland Europe where couriers are not able to deliver (on time, or at all), and customers in those areas - mostly Italy, France and Spain - will be aware of the issues. Please contact us before placing an order for delivery to affected regions so we can check if delivery is going to be possible.

Amazon has temporarily banned all restocking of "non essential" items and is only accepting deliveries of basic groceries and medical products to its warehouses in the UK. There are sufficient stocks of our ProGuides on Amazon to last a few weeks, and we encourage customers who want several copies to buy direct from us.

Posted 2020-03-17 08:00:00 TAGS: Covid19